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What is the difference between an escort and a call girl?

Although there is more and more information thanks to the arrival of the internet, unfortunately, especially for elderly people, finding differences between the oldest trade in the world, prostitution; and the escorts in Gurgaon, is more than complicated.

To raise awareness and dispel some doubts as much as possible, below we bring you some of the main differences based on their definitions collected in different sources.

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Differences between an escort and a call girl:

What is an escort?

Although there is currently a multitude of Gurgaon escorts who practice prostitution, initially this "trade" was born oriented to accompaniment. That is people without a partner or with her, to attend events such as meetings or dinners with friends, pay women labeled by society as spectacular, to pretend to be their partner.

It was a very normal habit, especially decades ago, where people with great purchasing power with the sole goal of showing a pretty woman as if she were a trophy, hired her services to tell the world how beautiful their partner was.

To this day, the term escort is also used on different web pages to refer to luxury prostitutes, although the definition of a prostitute would be the following.

What is a call girl?

It is about receiving money in exchange for sexual relations in a fleeting way, usually for a certain time previously agreed upon.

Due to the insecurity that many of them suffer, it is common for them to have a kind of private security contracted through what is known as a pimp. They receive a commission from the call girl's earnings in exchange for looking after her well-being.

Main differences:

Taking both definitions into account, we can summarize Call Girls in Gurgaon as the person who sells sexual services for money and the escorts as companions, also in exchange for financial compensation.

In the different cities of India, we can find multiple portals, where thanks to advances in technology, we can meet the escorts closest to our location. Today there are also forums where you can see the ratings that each one has, always based on the opinions of other customers.

So, are an escort and a call girl really the same?

No, the truth is that, although both may be considered sex professionals, they do not meet the same definition. To check it, we only have to look for Independent Call Girls in Gurgaon and compare the results with those that appear by changing the word escorts to prostitutes. But let's see specifically how they differ.

The word escort comes to mean companion, which at the level of sex workers is known as a companion girl. Why Gurgaon Escorts? Because its function is not limited to a sexual plane. In fact, on many occasions, it is possible that he is not even intimate with an escort.

The reality is that escorts meet a profile that is usually defined as very beautiful, elegant, stylish, and well-trained women. Their main service is, literally, keeping the person who hires them company.

This may involve accompanying to galas and events, it may mean attending a dinner, it may simply be accompanying and offering conversation, or it may also lead to sexual practices.

What is the idea of ​​all this?

However, the idea is that the client, whenever possible, forgets that she has hired an escort and sees the service as an experience rather than an exchange of money for sex.

Therefore, although the average profile of the client who goes to sex workers is a wealthy and educated man, access to escorts is reserved for wealthy people since the cost of these professionals is higher than that of Gurgaon Call Girls.

In the case of Cheap Call Girls in Gurgaontheir services are not oriented to that experience that we mentioned before, but rather to the offering of the body. Prostitution is more related to the act of offering money in exchange for sex.

However, there are different levels of prostitution (depending on the money) and different places from which to access these services. These professionals can be hired on the street, in specific establishments, through intermediaries, or even online.

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