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How can call girls in Delhi find clients?

If you have already decided that you want to do it, you know what type of escort you want to be and you have set some goals for yourself, it is time to get clients. It is a fact, if you do not make enough money as an escort, it is because you do not have a strategy to get clients.

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Having many clients as an escort has nothing to do with your appearance. The most attractive girls are saturated by calls from guys who only waste their time and don't make the dates, while some girls who are outside the stereotype (chubby, with small boobs, etc.) achieve a good income, receive gifts, clothing, paid travel, etc. There are no excuses, everyone can make good money as an escort.


Advertising is key, if you are an independent call girls in Delhi, it is an issue that you will have to solve completely by yourself. If you're with an agency they should take care of this for you, but there are a few things you could do to get some extra promotion.

There are many options in which you can advertise, magazines, newspapers, and mainly the internet, there are literally thousands of websites where you can place free or paid ads and this is where you need to analyze what is best for you.

Keep regular customers:

The most effective key for your business to prosper is to maintain a base of regular customers. If you have customers looking for you every week or every month you will practically have the money you can count on. 

If you don't have any regular customers, and you depend on new customers you need to spend a lot more on advertising, your income is not predictable and it is usually much harder to get ahead with your goals. 

However, if you follow a few basic tips, regardless of whether you work for an Escorts agency or not, you could keep a couple of repeat clients who keep coming back for more. There are also many other benefits of having regular customers. Occasional or one-time customers are unlikely to tip you and are not likely to buy gifts.

Sometimes you see a customer several times and he will start to get emotionally involved, you need to know how to respect boundaries without completely rejecting him and keep his interest, find your way to do this, and keep them coming back for more.

One of the easiest ways to turn a customer into a regular is by simply asking when you'll see them again. Tell him, how much you enjoyed being with him and that you would love to see him again. 

Consider that if you gave a bad service, you were not interested in his talks or you lacked emotion. It does not matter what you do to try to see him again, you should take care to provoke a good connection in the meeting and then seek follow-up.

Make sure you always look fresh, available for her fantasies, wear tight clothes, school skirts, remember their birthdays and special days. All these things create a relationship that will be strengthened and you will end up receiving more frequent dates, gifts, invitations to trips, and longer dates where they will seek to live with you beyond sex.

Public relations:

All companies use public relations to grow their businesses, professionals meet in clubs or associations that allow them to be in communication with those in the same field. Hardly a client is going to recommend you for your services, for few it will be comfortable to share you with someone they know. But if you try to have a good relationship with other escorts, learning from the experienced ones and even helping the new ones, that will make you a leader, and your leadership will lead you in many ways to have more clients.

Internet Marketing:

It is impossible to think of not using the Internet as a medium, all kinds of businesses are understanding it and the key to reaching a greater number of people is here. More than 80% of customers arrive by this means because it is the most convenient, comfortable, and close way they have to access your information. You can use Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram to find clients which are some of the great social media platforms.

There are many sites where you can participate in promoting your site and thus promoting your services.

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