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Is it truth in India 5-star hotels provide escorts service to their customers?

When we talk about exploring different parts of the world, India comes in the list of the top 10. India is one of the countries where a lot of visitors visit throughout the year from around the world. This country offers a wide variety of entertainment, from pubs, bars, dance clubs to discos. 

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India is also a tourist attraction for its monuments and museums that visitors can enjoy at their own pace without worrying about missing a night's show. However, many tourists love to enjoy sex while visiting India for relaxation. And they are always confused whether or not – In India 5-star hotels provide escort services to their customers? Well, let’s find out its answer in this blog. 

Is it possible to have call girls in 5-star hotels in India?

You can hire a call girl and bring her to your hotel but since there are some strict rules in India, it is not safe to bring her to your hotel room unless you have a 5-star hotel. Many 5-star hotels in India can arrange escort services for their customers. So, the answer is yes! They provide but just make sure to ask before you check-in.

Some hotels ask girls for identification when you take them to your room. This happens especially in India. This is good and safe so you can avoid being robbed and/or drugged by any escorts.

In some hotels, you can even ask the hotel staff to call a girl to your room. In many countries, there are short-stay hotels or love motels that are designed especially for people who have sex. There may be large mirrors on the walls on the ceiling to have a better visual feeling. Some places even have indoor hot tubs. Condoms, body oils, adult TV channels, and towels are often in the room. But remember, these places are not designed just for prostitution.

If you want to make a specific erotic fantasy or you have a special request for an escort, you must notify the manager when you make the reservation. At the time set for your appointment, the escort will arrive in the most discreet way possible to your room. She will wear a dress on the outside that will make her go unnoticed among the other guests.

Important tips to note

- Some hotels are more like brothels but they are cheap and don’t count on them or you will have to face raid or some unwanted enquire. In some countries some motels already have girls who work inside, waiting for clients but in India, you will have to ask the hotel receptionist if they can provide escorts.

- If you take a room for two people and you are going to stay there alone, it is always easier to take a girl to your room, even if the hotel is not pleasant with guests. If she looks quite normal you can always say that she is your friend. This depends on hotel policies and your girl's perspectives.

- In some hotels, there are different ways to get to the elevators, and you don't always have to walk past the reception. If so, it is very easy to bring a girl to your room without anyone noticing.

- Sometimes, even if the hotel is not nice to guests, you may be able to tip the receptionist to turn a blind eye to your action. It is not advisable to choose an all-inclusive hotel if you want to bring girls or companions to your room.

- If you are staying in a luxury (expensive) hotel, you should first discuss prices with the girl before letting her know where you live. Unless you want her to ask you for higher prices for her services.

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