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Myths and truths that maybe you did not know about anal sex

As you may know, anal sex is one of the practices that has been the taboos since the beginning, but this is no longer the case with Escorts in Gurgaon. Just as anal sex is one of the most controversial, it is also one of the most demanded in our relaxing house and, if it is true, the Escorts in Gurgaon is the best offering this service.

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This practice goes beyond what has been known, each one gives a version of what they think, according to their criteria they can say that it is good or bad. But, in short, let's get straight to the point. In this opportunity, our entry will be about the myths and truths about this practice, which for some is the most divine, and for others, it is totally the opposite.

Anal sex:

It is the sexual practice that is carried out anally. It can be through masturbation or penetration with a virile member. As it is a very tight and delicate area, it can cause pain or discomfort, but this can change if you prepare well before doing it, so that, rather, it will grant great pleasure.

Myths and truths of anal sex:

When it has never been done, it is very normal to have fears and even doubts about this practice, especially since you always hear comments and anecdotes from people who have had a bad experience while doing it. You should not pay attention to these comments, on the contrary, look for real information about this topic.

It is painful

That will depend on the previous care that is taken, for this reason, it is important to inform yourself in detail of how it should be done correctly. If doing so hurts the woman, it is that they are doing something wrong. Going slowly, calmly, and using a good lubricant are essential keys to a pleasant and painless penetration.

Orgasm is not achieved:

Whoever says this is lying, be it a man or a woman who does it, will have the most pleasant sex of her life, making her climax more intensely. In fact, it can even be practiced by making a combination with an erotic toy that helps in stimulation.

Anal sex is only for gays:

Sexual inclination has absolutely nothing to do with enjoyment and enjoyment. Anal sex is one of the most enjoyable ways to give and receive pleasure. According to surveys, the majority of heterosexual marriages claim to include this exciting practice in their sexual relationships.

Leaves physical sequelae:

Anal sex does not have to leave negative effects for the body if it is practiced in the correct way and above all if special attention is paid to the sensations that both may have. It is totally normal that at first, it is a bit uncomfortable, but, as time passes and with practice, the body gets used to it and the anus will begin to increase its dilation so that it will be less and less painful.

May cause anal cancer:

False of all falsehood. For a long time, many people believe that the rubbing or friction of the penis with the walls of the anus could cause anal cancer, but it is important to emphasize that this is not the case. This type of cancer is caused by other factors, it does not include this sexual practice.


Helps strengthen love relationships:

This is not to say that if you do not accept this practice as a couple, you will be abandoned or abandoned, it is simply that it helps to improve sexual encounters and experiences.

You have to use protection:

Yes, this is definitely true, because many people think that since there is no risk of pregnancy, they can do it freely without a condom. However, it is extremely necessary that it be used since there are many sexually transmitted diseases that can be generated in practice.

Hygiene must be taken into account:

Not only for this practice but for all the others. Likewise, in anal sex, it is much more necessary. So, it is recommended to take a shower before and after having this type of relationship.

If you did not know these truths and lies about anal sex, then now if you already know what you should do, especially if you want to spend an exciting time with one of our Call Girls in Gurgaon.

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